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Congratulations on your first year of marriage! 

Your first year of marriage, your story as a couple and all your memories deserve to be celebrated. What is the perfect gift to show your partner just how much you love them on your paper anniversary? We have some ideas to inspire you.

Why give a paper gift?

The first year of marriage is celebrated with a paper gift. It is a gift that is tied up with lots of symbolism. A paper gift is a reminder that you are at the start of your story. A hundred sheets of paper can transform into a beautiful story just as a hundred years of marriage is a story of love. It is also symbolic of the strength of a marriage, as the paper is held together by the strong connections of the individual threads.

Idea 1: Transform The Story of Your Relationship Into A My Icon Story

Remember the first time you met your partner, where was it? University or on holiday? Through friends or family? Where did you first go on holiday together? Somewhere sunny or cold? What was something you loved to do together? Where did they propose? ……………………….Did you smile?

Our memories with our loved ones are often something that brings joy and happiness. Why not remind your partner of those memories every day with a My Icon Story. Capture the story of how you fell in love and symbolise it through icons.


We absolutely love this photo below of Dom giving his wife Charlotte a My Icon Story for their Paper Anniversary. Dom created our largest print, the Wallhogger, featuring 12 icons to represent their South Africa to Mauritius honeymoon adventure.

Idea 2: Let Them Know You Love Them With A Love Heart 

Why not give your partner something fun? Our collection of Love Hearts gifts is a creative way to tell your partner just how much they mean to you. Whether they are your Heart Throb or Hero, we have all you could want in our Love Hearts gift collection. From our freestanding Decorative Blocks to our contemporary Art Posters, simply pick which Love Hearts classic expression you wish to feature on your chosen gift. 

Matching Dream Boy & Dream Girl Love Hearts Art prints

Love Hearts Expression Blocks – fill with your choice of any Love Hearts expression

Love Hearts Expression Art Print – choose your preferred expression to feature in the hero Love Heart

Idea 3: Turn Your Special Day Into A Special Piece Of Art

You spend months planning and making decisions for it to turn into a magical day that you’ll never forget. With all of our wedding and relationship themed icons, you can turn your special day into a unique piece of art. Hang it up on a wall in your home as a reminder of that day you and your partner celebrated your love with all of your family and friends. Don’t forget we also offer a FREE icon request service so if you’d like an icon of your wedding venue, church, shoe, special bottle or anything else, just get in touch (info@myiconstory.com) and we’ll design your bespoke icons for you.

Below is an example of an icon we were asked to design for a wonderful couple celebrating their wedding anniversary. They wanted an icon of their first dance embrace. Nothing it too much of a challenge for us! We take great care in making sure our customers not only get a bespoke piece of art but that the service they receive from us is equally as special and personal. What bespoke icons would you like of your special day?

Idea 4: Use An Icon To Reveal A Surprise

A paper gift is a perfect way to remember old memories but it can also be an exciting way to reveal new memories to come. Why not reveal a surprise trip to Paris through the icon of the Eiffel Tower? Or maybe you have a new addition to the family and an icon of some little feet is the perfect way to surprise your partner.

Using My Icon Story you can create a paper anniversary gift that is personalised and will make your partner smile. Isn’t that the entire reasons we remember these special moments? They bring us happiness and joy, one of these gifts will certainly do this. If you need some more inspiration on creating your icon story then check out this blog.
Give your partner a special gift this year and share it with us on Instagram with #ouriconicanniversary.
We can’t wait to see what you design.


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    - Jenna Bristow

  • I'm looking forward to receiving this sentimental anniversary gift for my husband. It will be a fun and artsy reminder of the path our relationship has traveled. (I'm also thrilled to be the first US order!) Can't wait to gift more of these for friends with new babies!

    - Zahra Curtin

  • Thank you so much for all your help with designing my icon story! Nothing was ever too much trouble and being able to create the exact icons I wanted made my story so much better! A fantastic gift for anyone!!!

    - Ella Rayment

  • Fantastic idea for a gift for a brother in law who is extremely difficult to buy for! So pleased with result and have already recommended to others. Will definitely use the site again

    - Julie McCarthy

  • Great service from My Icon Story and we loved our finished Icon Story - which was a very successful anniversary gift!

    - Carl

  • My Icon Story really caught my eye when I saw a feature about it in Metro. It really helped me find a unique present for my wife this Xmas and our print hangs proudly in our hallway!

    - Rob Griffiths

  • Really wonderful piece, my wife loved it. Designed an icon specifically for us as well which made it extra special.

    - Ryan Taylor

  • What a great idea. I wanted something meaningful for my partner for his birthday and what better than icons denoting memories from our time together. Will definitely be telling my friends and family about My Icon Story.

    - June Richardson

  • I came across this amazing website via the Evening Standard during a commute home. We were able to create a fantastic and very personal story of our family epic holiday to Australia via Hong Kong. Within a day, Laura even added 2 icons for the Gold Coast for us to choose....the best bit about the the whole experience was the personal service to ensure we could capture an eternal memory in such a unique way. Thanks Laura!

    - Russ Thomas

  • Love love the My Icon Story I made for my wife to remind us of some travel adventures we've had over the years

    - Christian Turner

  • It brought my wife to tears with all the memories of our past she thought I had forgotten

    - Sean Garwood

  • Really loved the artwork, stylish and contemporary. A wonderful memento of our daughter's trip. My Icon Story were extremely helpful from design to delivery. I would recommend My Icon Story to anyone seeking a unique and well made souvenir of their travels.

    - Jane Allden

  • Was really happy with the print. The customer service was great and it didn’t take long to arrive. Cheers!

    - Rob Aitken

  • We loved our Icon Story print following a European trip. Beautifully made and framed.

    - Kayleigh Westwood

  • I purchased a print for my friends birthday and I can honestly say I am so happy with the result. The website is really easy to use, there are a huge variety of icons to choose from, but if you can't find what you are looking for, there was the option to get one designed for you.

    - Kirsty Elliot

  • My boyfriend bought me a print as a surprise after I went away travelling. I absolutely love it!, thank you! It's such a thoughtful and personal gift and a lovely reminder of my travels.

    - Diva M

  • My parents absolutely LOVED their bespoke print I gave them for their ruby wedding anniversary. What's more personal than something that reminds them of all their favourite places they've been together? I'm normally terrible at buying gifts, but you can't get it wrong with a My Icon Story print!

    - Abi Morrish

  • We got a beautiful bespoke print for our wedding, it has all our tables that featured at our wedding. Cities that myself and the hubby have been to. They even created a new icon for us as they didnt feature it. Brilliant service.

    - Lauren Chorley

  • We bought a print for a 50th birthday and selected a number of icons that reasonated. The site is really easy to use and if you cant find what you want then you just need to ask! We were delighted with the print and so was the Birthday Girl!!

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