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It’s that time of the week again where we shine a light on a fabulous Founder and share their journey and story of starting up. Our latest Printfluencer is Sam Brown – copywriting specialist and brand storyteller.

I first met Sam at (yes you’ve guessed it) a Found & Flourish Hugs & Brunch meet up at the start of this year. We sat next to each other and got chit-chatting about our businesses, background story and what we wanted to achieve. Sam has an incredibly warm and welcoming presence but she openly admitted to finding it hard to talk about herself. So I thought our Printfluencer feature would be a fantastic opportunity for Sam to shout loud and proud about her business and of course her wonderful self!





In a tweet (280 characters) what do you/your business do?

I’m a copywriter, helping businesses tell their story. I bring an external perspective and work with people to develop a brand tone of voice so authentic that you would never even know I’d been there! Websites, blog posts, social media posts, marketing material, I write it all.


Did you have a job/career before starting your business?

I spent the best part of a decade working in publishing, both in Sydney and London. I’ve always worked with words and storytelling, across publicity, marketing and editorial. I ended up as a commissioning editor, heading up a fiction list. I loved it, working with authors to get their manuscripts just right, briefing in beautiful visuals for cover design and writing all the copy for covers, marketing and sales materials. My books were like my babies!


Why did you decide to start your own business?

I had an actual baby at the end of 2017 and when my maternity leave ended I decided the time was right to take the leap and set up on my own. I wanted the flexibility to be more present for my family. I’d always had the idea that I would one day work for myself in some capacity and it felt right to take the chance!

Tell us a bit more about Made Simple By Sam

To be honest, when I started out I didn’t have a clear focus – I was trying out various different approaches and services to get the feel for the right direction to move in. I was doing some copywriting but also lots more marketing and consultancy, helping small businesses to improve their processes and become more efficient. It soon became clear though that working with business owners to find and develop their voice and tell their story was where my passion lay and so I narrowed my offering back down to content creation. I’m fortunate to have built a business almost entirely on word of mouth but now I’m looking to grow beyond this point and so my focus is shifting to selling my services more. It’s an exciting new stage to be at because it validates the fact that it’s been working so far!


This next question is inspired by the podcast Conversations of Inspiration by Holly Tucker (Not on the Highstreet Founder). Running a business is like being on a rollercoaster. What has been your biggest high and your biggest low?

My biggest high has got to be seeing my website go live. Suddenly, my business had a name and was a real thing – it was hugely exciting!
My biggest low was the first time I missed out on a pitch for a piece of work. Looking back, it seems like nothing – I wasn’t the right fit for what the client was looking for – but at the time it was a real blow to my confidence in the early stages of my journey.


If you were a recent client, what would you write in the review?

I never feel very comfortable singing my own praises so here’s a mashup of my favourite feedback from real clients!

“It’s been a wonderful experience. Sam took the time to get to know me, what I am doing and why, and she completely captured my voice. She is not only an excellent copywriter but truly passionate about what she does and will always go the extra mile.”





My business is amazing because…I get to help other people to find their voices and tell their stories, something that lots of people struggle with. The best part is that I have ultimate freedom to work with businesses I feel aligned to and people I connect with.


This time next year…I’ll be making twice as much money (yes, I said it, it’s not something to shy away from!), I will have spoken at at least one live event and I’ll still have the flexibility to join in with play time or sofa snuggles whenever my daughter wants them.





SIZE: Small & Mighty My Icon Story (fits 4-6 icons), pale grey background with white icons and solid white wooden frame


Tell us the story behind your My Icon Story print?

Cat – I’ve always had cats in my life, and our current pair – Harry & Sally – were our fur babies before we had our daughter!

Sewing/craft – I love unwinding with a bit of crafting. I knit and sew a lot, I’ve just embroidered a rainbow onto a jumper to give my wardrobe a little boost of positivity.

Writing – Words – reading and writing them – have been hugely important my whole life. I was a voracious reader as I child, worked in publishing for a decade and now make my living writing for others. Our wedding even had a scrabble theme!

Wine – There’s nothing quite like sitting down with friends to share a good bottle of wine. Even if it is over Zoom at the moment!

Family – That’s what it’s all about, our little unit of three. (Five if you include the cats!)





My Icon Story partnered with the Mr. Men brand last year to launch our personality canvases. The idea for the product came after I was asked which character best represents me. I couldn’t answer with just one as our personalities and characteristics are a total mix! So we created the first personalised Mr Men & Little Miss Personality prints!


We asked Sam to choose 4 Characters that best represent her and she chose the following: 

Little Miss Helpful, Little Miss Bossy (I’d call it assertive), Little Miss Stubborn and Mr. Tickle (a lot of this going in with our two-year-old at the moment – those giggles are the best!)


You’re in a cocktail bar. What do you order?

Mojito, every time!


What’s your favourite type of shoe?

My battered old Timberland deck shoes.


If you could have any other job in the world, what would you be? 

Run a craft shop also serving gluten free cakes and cocktails.





Thank you Sam! It has been so great to get to know you and it’s always such an inspiration reading how founders with young children run their business! Good luck with your ambition and plans for the future and we’re rooting for you to speak at your first live event!

To find out more about Sam’s brilliant services, check out her website https://www.madesimplebysam.com

And follow Made Simple By Sam on Instagram @made_simple_by_sam



If you’d like to nominate a founder to be featured in our Printfluencer Series, please email laura@myiconstory.com

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