My Natural History Museum Dinosaur Story

Customised Natural History Museum Dinosaur print

Choose between 4 – 6 of your favourite Dinosaurs on display at the Natural History Museum and create a customised Dinosaur print.

Exclusively available in our Mini Pano size with a choice of special Natural History Museum background colours and choice of print only or with a white or black wooden frame.

This is the perfect personalised gift you and your child can create together.

Dinosaurs to choose from include:

Allosaurus | Ankylosaurus | Baryonyx | Diplodocus | Giraffatitan | Iguanodon | Stegosaurus | T.rex | Triceratops | Velociraptor 

Background colours to choose from include:

Aqua | Berry | Lime | Mushroom | Orange | Sage

Official Natural History Museum licensed product lovingly designed by My Icon Story.

Want to create something even bigger? Now you can add one of our Natural History Museum Dinosaur icons to our original My Icon Story prints. Head on over to our Design-Your-Own to get creative.

Product Details:

  • 375mm x 175mm Mini Pano print
  • Choice of Natural History Museum background colours
  • Printed on 240gsm smooth fine art rag
  • Choice of white or black grained solid wood frame

Design your print

This mock up print editor is for illustrative purposes only and one of our designers will create your print by hand to reflect the options you've chosen .

How many dinosaurs would you like on the print?

What frame type would you like?

What background colour would you like?