Natural History Museum Dinosaur Wooden Letter Blocks


NEW & EXCLUSIVE Dinosaur wooden  letter blocks!

The perfect small gift for children who love Dinosaurs. Choose a single letter or set of initials and fill each letter with your favourite dinosaur species.

Choose from the following Dinosaur species to fill your letter(s) (see examples of each species in our image gallery):

Allosaurus | Ankylosaurus | Baryonyx | Diplodocus | Giraffatitan | Iguanodon | Stegosaurus | T.rex | Triceratops | Velociraptor 

Available in the following Natural History Museum trend colours:

Aqua | Berry | Lime | Mushroom | Orange | Sage

Our Dinosaur letter blocks are official Natural History Museum licensed products lovingly designed by My Icon Story.

Product Details:

  • 6″ x 6″ (15cm x 15cm) printed letter mounted to a 1” thick Wooden block
  • Finished with white sides and a gloss laminate finish.
  • A great freestanding alternative to a wall frame and perfect for displaying on a desk, shelf, mantlepiece or any flat surface